Part 2: Ebooks

Building an online business is filled with tons of different options.  And when you’re in the process of trying to figure out where to start, the research can easily overwhelm you, leaving you in a place where you’re suffering from information overload and have no idea where to start.

What I’ve done is put together a 7 Part Series that shows you 7 Types of Income Sources you can begin implementing in your business, along with an Assessment test that you can take to help you identify where the best place is for you to start with building what I call, “Your Passive Income Empire Online”!

This is Part 2 of that series. series where we will be focusing on generating income through Ebooks.

The second way that you can begin generating income online is through e-books. Depending on what stage you are on your journey, Ebooks can be a great fit for you, if you have “absolutely any knowledge of absolutely anything”….


People put out ebooks on so many different topics, and you’ll be surprised how well they can sell if your ebook is on a topic that people have an interest in.

Kindle has become a pretty big deal over the years, making it easy for people to purchase digital books at their fingertips, which in turn makes it easy for you to profit.

There are several individuals you are able to earn a generous income a lot of people making a lot of money from Kindle e-books. Now when we say “generous income”, that’s relative, right?

Some people are promoting that they’re earning around  $2000 per month (which isn’t bad to generate as passive income) and I’ve seen people earning as much as $20,000 per month.

Every now and then, you’ll hear Cinderella stories like the young girl Amanda Hocking, who earned millions self-publishing through Amazon.  However, those stories are few and far in between.


The key that I want you to get here is this:

  • If you like to write, you can turn your writing into cash through Ebooks
  • You can have an ebook written, designed and up and running in 7 days or less
  • Ebooks are a great way to generate Passive Income
  • Ebooks can grow into published books, which can open up a lot of doors

How To Get Started

Now, this does require work and effort on your part (of course!) but if you do write a Kindle e-book, we’re going to differentiate.

The best way to get started writing ebooks is to consider:

  • What’s a topic you feel really good talking about
  • Map out the Topic Ideas
  • Outline the Topics
  • Begin Writing

It’s that simple.

The average ebook ranges around 6,000 words, which means you can literally knock this out in a week or so (no pressure, work at your leisure).

Today’s audience prefers small consumable books that give them what they want in a quick and easy format, that empowers them to take action on what they’re reading.

So the idea of writing a 500-page book doesn’t apply to ebooks.

For Example, let’s say you wanted to write an ebook on “How I Quit My Day Job To Build a Full-Time Freelance Business”

You may break this topic down into the following layout:

  • Things to consider before you quit
  • Let’s Talk Money (& Savings)
  • Getting Clients before you quit
  • Replacing your Income
  • Scaling down and minimalism to lower overhead
  • Making sure you have consistent clients monthly
  • Turning in that resignation letter
  • Additional Resources

This is actually a pretty simple format that if this were your situation, and you had this experience, you should be able to create this content quickly because you went through it personally.

Now on this one topic alone, I see tons of additional ebooks you can create that will be a spin-off from this topic:

  • How To Build A Freelance Business
  • How To Grow A Freelance Business
  • How To Generate Clients For Your Freelance Business
  • The Freelancers Guide To Creating Consistent Income

And so on and so forth.  Now you may say that some of the above seem like the same thing, but you’ll be surprised how in depth each subject can go, making it easy to form a new E-book on the one topic, and going extensively in depth on it.

As you can see, it’s super simple to map out your ebook and here’s a heads up:

  • don’t underestimate what you know
  • whenever your phone rings and someone begins asking you for advice on a topic, write it down because that just may be your next ebook
  • Don’t overcomplicate things.  Write down your idea, begin writing and share everything you know
  • Edit later… the biggest trap most people face is trying to edit while they right which makes you second guess nearly every single thing you write down.  Times have changed and no one will slap your hand for not writing in proper English so write away!

Where / How To Publish Your Ebooks

There are 2 different ways that you can publish your ebooks.

You have Amazon/Kindle e-books or you can sell e-books on your own.

If you have a Kindle e-book, they are sold on the Amazon platform and they’re usually priced anywhere between $0.99 and $4.99.

You might be thinking “…that’s no money. How do I make money from that?”

Well, it’s all about volume + exposure.

If, for example, you write your own e-book, and you set them up to promote them yourself through your own website and social media channels, then what’s going to happen is that you’re going to be in a position now where you’re going to have to create all the buzz for your e-book.

The benefit is, when you are selling your own e-books on your own platforms, you can sell them at a higher price. So you may be able to sell them for $7, $27, $17, or whatever price you want them to be, whereas, on the Amazon platform, it’s normal to sell books for under $5.

You can put whatever price tag you want if you were to sell your own e-books on your own platforms.  The key is, however, price them to sell and don’t be greedy!  Ebooks come to a dime a dozen these days so give them a juicy offer that’s irresistible, over-deliver on content, and you’ll experience growth as a result of that.

The difference is, when you sell through the Kindle/Amazon platform, you’re going to get a lot of random traffic because of Amazon being the #1 Marketplace in the world, on the Internet.

Amazon is the number one most visited marketplace online where people go to buy EVERYTHING.  From Diapers to Diamonds, you name it, people buy it through Amazon.

So you get to benefit from heavy traffic, which means that your ebook can be promoted on your behalf, all over the world, all hours of the day, and you get to generate a lot more volume and eyeballs on your books.

Either way, you will need to learn how to market your own products in addition to leveraging platforms like Kindle/Amazon.

The bottom line is this, e-books are a great way to create quick and easy information that give people exactly what they need and put you in position to become a great resource. It builds authority and credibility and it’s going to allow you to understand the power of turning what you know into income and turn your information into cash flow.

E-books are an awesome resource to add supplementary income into your bottom line, and depending on the types of topics you focus on, you can really create a lot of buzzes, notoriety, build credibility and influence through your books.

To begin learning how to create your own Ebooks today, go here now.


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