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Nicole S Cooper

It’s Time To Turn What You Know, Into Cash Flow….

That’s my mantra about anything in life and in business!


Hey! I’m Nicole S. Cooper

My mission is to show committed entrepreneurs how to take what you know, and turn it into cash flow using the internet and automated systems to build a 6 figure biz. Whether you’re currently working a side hustle and want to  learn how to turn it into a High Paying Home Biz or a veteran entrepreneur wanting to learn how to add more automation,  leverage and systems to increase the 0’s behind your annual earnings, I’m here to help!

I’ve been working with thousands of students from all over the world since 2007, showing them how to launch, grow and scale their own businesses, while earning a 5 figure per month income doing so.

Want to hear what some of my students have to say, check them out here.

Who Am I & What I Do


Known as the Motivational and Inspirational Voice of Entrepreneurs, I am known as the Queen of Clarity when it comes to helping hungry, driven, motivated individuals identify their path to profits & creating an impact in their businesses!


As an Online Marketing & Sales Strategist, I help Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners discover better ways to leverage the internet to launch, grow and scale their businesses online.


My goal is to assist fellow entrepreneurs with expanding their brand and business online by leveraging various marketing and monetization strategies.


I am the live “case study” that tests various marketing, sales and business growth strategies so that I can share them with you to show what’s working and what’s not working, allowing you to focus on the best strategies to build your business online.


I’m honest, raw and very transparent, so if you’re looking for someone to give you honest insight about building a business online, then welcome aboard!

My Story

In 2007, I lost it all in the Recession. However, being the entrepreneur that I am, I decided to invest in a “skillset” that I knew could help us get back on our feet. That skillset was called Internet Marketing.

Thanks to countless hours and tons of sleepless nights, I went from being broke, bankrupt, homeless and losing all my possessions to foreclosures and repossessions to earning multiple 6 Figures 18 months later.

Since then, I’ve been Top Earner &  Top Female Marketer in multiple businesses and categories. I’ve graced many stages around the world, built an audience of over 40,000 people and to top it all off…. I was able to accomplish most of this stuff NEVER LEAVING THE COMFORT OF MY OWN HOME….

How is that you ask?

I was able to leverage my laptop, wifi and some sexy marketing strategies that made it possible for me to cash in BIG TIME online (and I’m going to lay it all out for you here on the blog).

However, I couldn’t hide forever, I eventually had to leave my house and invest in the one thing that really matters in business, which is RELATIONSHIPS.

Building quality Relationships with an audience of committed entrepreneurs has become the focal point for me now in how I’m building my businesses moving forward.

What I Teach

I teach my clients how to produce High 5 & 6 Figure Businesses Online, leveraging various Income Strategies.
Here’s a snippet of what I cover in my trainings & services:

My mission in life is to expose others to living out their dream lives by leveraging their background and skill-sets through technology to create a Life & Career by design.

I’m a technology and Internet Marketing enthusiast who’s quickly immersing myself in the Business Growth & Profits world to help create solutions to common problems that exist today for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

My current focus is in helping business owners gain clarity with turning their ideas into a viable business blueprint and into income, leveraging the internet.

I’m committed to helping entrepreneurs Discover their Brilliance, and operate in their gifts un-apologetically!

If you’re an entrepreneur that has so much desire and ambition in you to succeed and excel in life, but you feel trapped in your mind without clarity of how to map things out… then you’ll want to drop in on one of my webinar trainings, listen to my live video streams or podcast, or read a few of my blog posts to see how my company can assist you with turning your Dream Life into your Reality!

Fun Facts about Me


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