The Vision & Goals of Y6FY


When it comes to building a business online and discovering ways to generate extra income from home, it can be overwhelming when researching online to find the many options and opportunities out there.

“The truth is, there’s way too much information on the many ways to make money, but very little guidance on how to find something that’s a good fit for YOU.”

For years, we’ve worked with clients who had purchased tons of courses, attended countless webinars, hired several coaches, had a library full of digital & physical products as well as 📚, and filled tons of auditoriums for conferences but they were more confused with all these resources, than they were before they ever started their research process for finding and building a successful business.


I admit, the process to finding a business that’s a good fit for for you can be overwhelming, which is why we decided to find a way to calm the noise, remove the clutter and develop a solution that will make your life easy when it comes to starting, growing and building your business.

We created Y6FY and Personality Driven Profits as a way for you to drown out the noise, gain clarity and confidence, while providing you with a blueprint to finally walk the path that’s the best fit for YOU!!

We believe that you can simplify the process of finding a business that works for you and it doesn’t have to take years to do it!

“The best way to match who you are with what you do is by focusing on these 4 core areas:


The number one way to know what business is best for you is by honoring:

Over the years, we’ve seen so many people struggle with trying to pursue a business model that frustrated them, challenged their every weakness and suffocated their gifts, while they grew in both insecurities and debt trying to force an idea to work.

I’ve personally struggled with this for years (which I share in my blog post here), and after seeing so many people give up on their dreams because of pursuing a path that was a misfit in their lives, I decided to find a way to help them overcome this challenge to discover their greatness and their perfect path…. thus birthing “Your 6 Figure Year” and “Personality Driven Profits”!


On Netflix, a show was recently launched called “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”.

As my daughter and I sat and binge watched this show, where this petite young woman who exudes soooooo much excitement in turning someone’s cluttered home into a peaceful organized sanctuary, there’s one question she asked that revolutionized every area of my life.

In order to get people to release the clutter and things they’ve held on to for years, she asked them one question that changed everything…..

Does this bring you joy

“Does that bring you Joy?”

I was blown away at how this simple question, produced such confidence and clarity to encourage the people she was helping, to say Yes or No to things that they’ve had emotional attachments to for years and struggled to let go.

That one question has changed everything about how we do business today here at (Y6FY) and it’s the same question I now encourage clients to ask themselves when they’re pursuing any path or business they want to start.

“Doing what brings you joy and what you’re passionate about is like lighting a fire 🔥 to the biggest fireworks 💥 show in the world 🌍 !!”

It inspires you to light up the world and bring joy in the dark places of life where others are drawn to you because of the joy you bring into their world.

Despite all the noise, opinions and internet gurus advice circulating in cyber-space…. building a business and creating something that becomes super successful doesn’t have to be a painful process.

It doesn’t have to rob you of life’s greatest joys and bury you under a long pain-staking process of endless hustle and grinding.

“The truth is, the secret to real abundant success and winning in life is to Align your life with the things that come so natural to you that you flow with grace and ease through the process to manifest all of your hearts desires!! (Yes that’s very possible 😊)”

Doing what you’re passionate about sets others on fire and this is one attribute that can’t and shouldn’t be buried or denied.


I may love to sing in the shower, I may be a huge Beyoncé and Whitney Houston fan but no matter how much I love the thought of singing 🎤, if I sound like an injured dog in the Forrest when I open my mouth in an attempt to sing 🎶, then I may want to consider an alternative career path!!

“Truth is that if you want to succeed at anything, you must know how to do that thing well.”

Passion for it is great but can you actually put your hands to the plow and produce amazing results based on your skill level?

At Y6FY and PDP, we encourage you to only pursue businesses that are a good fit for your skill set, unless you have partners or key members that can fulfill the needs of your business model.

For example, I’ve heard of people launching software, apps and other Techy tools that weren’t techy but they were great visionaries who had the gift of delegation and the budget to invest in skilled team members.

The catch to their success is “they had the vision” which means they clearly understood what they wanted to produce, the inner workings of that thing and the results and “joy” it would bring to its users. So in this case, skill is relative.

However, if you’re trying to launch 🚀 a business like Providing Services as a Virtual Assistant, but you hate Project Management and organizing the details of someone’s project, then you may want to find an alternative path.

We say this not to say you can’t do it, but to avoid torturing yourself from creating a job for yourself that you’ll ultimately hate and want to run away from.


One of the challenges with the concept of “Do what you love and the money will follow” statements is that, that’s not always the case.

“If no one wants it, you may enjoy doing it, but if it can’t produce profits, it will become your hobby, while you’re out looking for a jobby!”

Determining early on if people would be willing to pay you for what you offer is critical, and once you see a firm yes, it’s time to glide into the manifestation of that goal!!

In Conclusion

As you can see, Y6FY isn’t just about selling you on another “make money opportunity” or to fill your life with false hopes and empty promises of Guaranteed Wealth & Success…

“Our mission is to help you get complete clarity on the best path for you to pursue in your entrepreneurial ventures where you’ll thrive, create major impact and live out what brings you the greatest level of Joy in your life!”

These 4 core areas are the foundation for what we built our business on here at Y6FY, and we have taken these 4 Core principles and applied it to the content we share, the programs and products we offer and how we coach and guide our clients.

If you’re ready to have Your 6 Figure Year and want to pursue a path that best matches the 4 Core areas above, head over here 👈🏾 now to take the Quiz to discover “What’s Your 6 Figure Business Blueprint”.


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