Welcome to the  July  2018 Income Report Roundup!

This is my favorite part of the month. We get to see what our bloggers have been up to during the month and their resultant income. I started sharing a group of blogger’s monthly income reports about 2 years ago and it has been amazing to see what people can accomplish when they set their minds to it. These income reports track our blogger’s growth, challenges, and lifestyle. And we continue to watch their incomes grow over time.

Through and through, I have witnessed that blogging for profits is not only possible but necessary for any existing or upcoming blogger. The joy and motivation that the monetary rewards provoke in our bloggers is evident by how hard they work to continuously produce great content day after day, week after week and month after month.

But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy. It’s not and it takes hard work and consistency. One major question one of our blogger (Making Sense of Cents) constantly gets is how she continuously comes up with new blog posts even after 7 years blogging. The answer is consistency, always looking for new ideas that birth topics. For example, she has a system where she generates topics out of five categories which are actually influenced by life itself.

Some of these bloggers started off earning 0 (zero) but little by little, step by step they have seen their blogs grow to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Take, for example, Michelle from Making Sense Of Cents. She started off making 0 dollars with her blog and seven years later she is making over $100,000 a month blogging. We are not talking about only 2 or 3 months out of a year. She consistently earns 6 figures every single month for the past couple of years. What?? Sounds unbelievable right? But believe it.

So, if you have been thinking of starting a blog, remember consistency and hard work is the key. If you are already doing that, stick it out and apply what you learn from these bloggers and you will be surprised to find your incomes being reported here as well.

July was a great month for most of our bloggers and most posted an increase in their incomes except two, JohnyFD and Making Sense Of Cents. Johny FD, our biggest gainer for July, had a bit of a drop and it’s from getting back home from long-term travels and setting up his new upcoming business. They say you have to spend money to make money, so…

Why They Share

No, your first guess is probably wrong. They don’t share to brag about how good they are making it. No, not really. They simply share out of charity. These bloggers are purely motivated to share their blogging incomes publicly, only so they can help other bloggers out there make money blogging.

Most say they only monetized their blogs after reading other bloggers’ income statements and they are so grateful that they still give a shout out to their inspirations and mentors.

They also share their income reports to track their own progress, so they also benefit from doing this. The income reports help them stay accountable to their goals. You can learn tons of helpful things from their reports that will help you be well on your way to making thousands of dollars monthly just from blogging.

That’s it. It’s that simple really and now this is why I share…

Why I share the Roundup with you:

One of the main reasons why I share this Income Report Roundup is to help you realize a couple of things:
1. Blogging Works
2. Blogging Pays
3. You can turn your Passions into Profits
4. You must commit to being consistent
5. If you treat it like a business you’ll get paid like a business; if you treat it like a hobby and be consistent, it will eventually pay you for a business

The more I read and create these Income Reports, the more I want to help you learn how to build a profitable blog quickly.

Income Roundup Report:

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Let’s meet these Powerhouses

** Quick Note: If you’re inspired by what you see here in these Reports, and ready to launch your own blog, go here to learn how, as I’ll show you step by step, exactly what you need to do to get going. **

#1: Lucky Mojito

Monica is a debt-slayer, money maker, hustling mama of two. She loves cupcakes, prosciutto, and making things. In just 2 years, she and her family were able to pay off over $33,000 in credit card and car loan debt and now, they not only own a house and 2 kids, they also have a condo, 3 cars, 2 dogs, 7 chickens, and they’ve even starting a savings account for their kids. In her blog, she teaches others how to start saving, live debt-free, make delicious meals, and basically, get their act together.


#2: My Twentycents

Janet is a CPA who has quit her job to live abroad and pursue her dream life. On her website, you will find advice on blogging, personal finance, and living abroad. She’s a business student by day, aspiring girl boss by night, and her blog is her side hustle. She’s a daughter, sister, and girlfriend. Originally from Canada, she now lives half-way across the world (well, not quite) in a small city in Switzerland.


#3: Finsavvy Panda

Finsavvy Panda has struggled her whole life in search of passion, wealth, and happiness. Since Oct 2016, she and her boyfriend have been working towards freeing themselves from corporate bullsh!t to become financially independent and they have come a long way. On her website, Finsavvy Panda helps others reach their own financial goals.

Mindy created The Fairy Tale Life blog to track their wedding planning progress as she and her fiancé (now husband) planned a May 2012 wedding at the Disneyland Hotel.  She had always dreamed of the perfect fairytale wedding day, but like most modern couples, they had a strict budget to stick to.  With a little creativity and smart planning, they had the wedding day of their dreams. Now that the wedding is over, she shares her adventures from her very own fairy tale life, including traveling the world and trying new recipes. She also continues to share lots of Disney wedding ideas.


When Derek Sall started his website, he had about $18,000 worth of debt. He tackled his debt head on and paid off every penny within 14 months. After paying off that debt, he figured, “Why to stop here?”, so he started putting money towards his house debt. After 12 months in 2014, he had paid off all $54,500 of his mortgage loan. Derek Sall is  NOW COMPLETELY DEBT FREE and it is simply amazing!  He uses his website to teach other people how to pay off debt, buy houses for cash and load up for retirement.


Javi is a Mexican born, future American, and first-generation college graduate. After graduating from college (which he never thought possible), he and his wife, Taylor, paid off over $34,000 in debt. They dedicate their website to help other D.R.E.A.M.ers and DACAmented students like them pay off debt and build wealth.


Dominic and Samantha Milner run RecipeThis.com from their country cottage in Southern Portugal. They love cooking with local Mediterranean ingredients and are addicted to chocolate. If they could cook for the rest of their lives with just kitchen gadgets then they would! In their blog, they not only share recipes, they also review and talk about all types of kitchen gadgets, including air fryers, crockpots, instant pots and bread makers.


#9: Slaying Social

Lia & Christina are 2 full-time travel bloggers on a mission to help everyone to slay their online presence. They create no-BS guides that empower travel content creators to make an impact… with practical advice and plenty of jokes to keep things interesting.


#10: Johnny FD

Johnny is the epitome of Location Independent Entrepreneur.  He shares his journey of traveling the world while earning an income on his blog, and he’s doing a mighty fine job of growing his earnings. He started sharing his income report in July of 2014, where he earned $198.84 in income.  And here he is, a few years later, and he consistently reports 5-figure profits each month.  Not bad for someone who identifies himself as a Digital Nomad.


Kristin#11: Believe in a Budget

Kristin Larsen is the owner of Believe in a Budget blog. She left her day job three years ago to pursue her passion for blogging and to create an online business for herself. She helps new bloggers get started and teaches them how to make money with less hustle. She also specializes in Pinterest marketing and offers courses that are now available on her website.


#12: Millennial Money Man

Bobby Hoyt started his blog to write about his story. It became something he could work on while he was winding down at night after work. His blogs were well received, and he started hearing back from his readers thanking him for giving them some inspiration. That’s when he realized he could use his blog to help others… other millennials like himself, especially on how to deal with money, choose a lifestyle and build wealth.


#13: Making Sense of Cents

Michelle of MSOC is another personal and finance blogger on our list. She left her day job as a financial analyst years ago and  from the looks of things, earning 6-figures for one month’s income, she doesn’t regret the decision one bit. Michelle shares tips on becoming debt free, and saving money.


John Lee Dumas and Kate Erikson are the Dynamic Duos behind EOFire. Hosting a 7 day a week Podcast, which was the first 7 day a week podcast ever, they’ve been able to turn it into a Massive Profit Center, hitting over 7 Figures Per Year.  Just looking at this month, they reported another 6-figure in earnings, which isn’t too bad for a couple who hung out in multiple cities with family and friends while conference hopping.  However, JLD and the team have mad systems behind him that keeps things going and growing, which is why he’s able to win big in his business.

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