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From homeless, broke and on welfare in 2007 to a powerhouse trainer and online entrepreneur, Nicole S. Cooper, is an Internet Marketer and Monetization Consultant helping you turn passion into profits online.

Who would have thought a troubled teenager from South Central Los Angeles, who was told she’d never make it, would become the catalyst to change in so many people’s lives.

With nothing more than a laptop and a relentless drive to succeed, she has created a million dollar empire from scratch by leveraging Social Media and a few simple Internet Marketing Strategies.

As a motivational speaker, blogger, and industry leader, Nicole, a married mother of 2, has one goal. To add more value to your life by giving you the systems, tools and blueprints for creating automated income on the internet by monetizing your passions and God given talents.

With a global reach from the USA to Africa, Nicole has been able to impact and inspire individuals all over the world, helping them go from lost and discouraged about their future to connecting with their purpose and finding the perfect career path that allows them to operate in their strengths.

Nicole is living proof that anyone can change their life by simply saying YES to a better future…and she’s done it all from her couch!

This marketing maven integrates motivational messages that not only inspire, but teach real money-making principles and skills. From entrepreneurs to real estate agents, corporate professionals to athletes, Nicole is known to deliver the highest quality Speeches, Mentorship and Personal Development Training in the industry. Her mission isn’t just to inspire and motivate. Her goal is to impact people into action, where they can put legs to their desires and focus on getting one thing…RESULTS!

She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk, many times sharing her daily activities through her video blog.

Nicole has built a team that is committed to getting results, and through her raw and real videos, products, podcasts, training systems and online events, you’ll learn first-hand what it takes to build and maintain a 6-figure enterprise on the internet.

She’s the creator of The Up and Coming “Online Biz Professionals Academy”, “6 Figure Entrepreneurs Academy” (previously known as 6 Figure Career Academy), as well as the highly coveted “Money & Marketing Success Plan Workshop”, and has been tabbed as one of the most dynamic up-and-coming, online marketing experts.


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