It doesn’t take much to find people sharing insight on making money blogging, how to set up your blog or even the free lessons on key things you’ll need to get started.

However, when I had gotten serious about launching my blog, I didn’t want the fluff and frills on blogging, I wanted to know, what the heck do I need to simply hit “Publish” and be positioned to successfully generate profits.

Unfortunately, far too many of us that encounter the “wannabe blogger phase”, get caught up with the minutiae of spending weeks on a domain name, trying to find a premium theme, trying to design our own web pages and over-complicating and thinking about stuff that really doesn’t matter.

My recommendation is, once you know what you want to talk about and who you’re talking to, then there’s more important things you’ll want to put in place before hitting publish, to ensure you can begin positioning yourself for profits pretty quickly.

I’m going to highlight the 7 key things that you MUST have in place before hitting publish. If you don’t, you can still succeed and gain clarity over time, so don’t think that these 7 things should hold you back if you feel you’re ready to launch, and figure things out along the way.

But if you’re anything like I was, my focus was on blogging as a business, creating quality content out the gate that would be of value to my audience and making sure I was clear on what my overall goal for the blog was, so that I could invest my time wisely up front and position myself for success.

So let’s talk about these 7 core things that I made sure I put in place before I launched.

1. Clarity of your Niche

I know we hear this often, and the concept of Niche is probably redundant to you, but I can’t express this enough.

I often share that it took me 10 years to officially get serious about blogging as a business, and it’s because I kept doubting myself in this area, which led me to putting off the process far too long.

When it comes to a Niche, here are a few factors to consider:

* What are you highly knowledgable about?
* What do you enjoy talking about?
* Is there enough to talk about, to create content for years to come?
* Is there an audience who is looking for this information?
* What is already out there?
* How can you stand out from your competition?

You see, for years I’ve wanted to create a blog that showed people how to generate income from home.

Unfortunately, I allowed myself to do far too much research, and became obsessed with seeing with other people were doing, which in turn led me to be delayed in getting started because I was often faced with asking myself questions like…

* Is it too late?
* Is the market too saturated?
* Will I succeed?

Bottom Line, I’m just now hitting publish on a Niche I knew I should have started 10 years ago, but the reality is, I’ve been coaching, providing free advice and constantly being hired as a consultant for the various things that I talk about and teach on this blog that I knew it was long overdue to finally make it a full time focus.

2. In depth understanding of your audience

Once you’re clear on your Niche, you need to get clear on the audience you’re talking to and serving.

One of my biggest challenges as a blogger in my earlier years was that I was a spontaneous, let me talk about whatever I felt like for the day type of blogger.

I would get entirely too personal, and too unpredictable with my focus.

The reality was, I was assuming what my audience wanted to read, versus creating content that is specifically tailored to providing solutions to the need of my audience.

There’s a huge difference.

When you know your audience, you are clear on where their struggles are, what their frustrations are, what their needs are and you devote your content to consistently providing insight, solutions, tools and resources to support them.

When you get even more highly targeted about your audience, which happens over time, you will get so insanely clear, that you’ll begin to create products that are EXACTLY what they’ve been looking for, and that’s when the real magic happens.

If you’re focus is on “everyone” and not a specific someone. You still have a log of work to do.

If you need assistance with getting clear on niching your audience down and getting more specific about your target audience, then you’ll want to grab a copy of our Niche Planner here to make the process seamless and clear!

3. A Monetization Plan

This honestly should have been #1. But you can’t get clear on how you’ll monetize, if you don’t know what you’ll be focusing on and who you your ideal audience is.

Once you’ve gotten clear on these first two steps, you want to begin thinking about how you will monetize your blog and how you will provide quality information that leads to the offers, products and services you’ll provide.

For every single one of my businesses that I”ve had over the years, I’ve always committed myself to jotting down my ideas up front and a simple 1-2 page monetization plan.

This is where I do what I like to call a “bran dump” and get all my ideas, product plans, content creation categories and whatever else comes to mind, out of my head and on paper.

These keeps me from overthinking things, and instead, going through to see what makes sense and the simple steps I need to take to get started.

Over time, that 1-2 pages of thoughts, ultimately begin to form and over time, they become my Profit Plan that gives me complete clarity on how I”m going to make money.

If I can give you one main piece of advice, it’s this…

If you’re serious about doing this as a “Real Money Making Effort”, don’t treat it like a hobby.

Instead, treat it like a business.

What does that mean??

That means that you want to

* Plan for your success
* Think through what you want your business to look like
* Get Real and Practical about how much time you’re willing to invest to reach your goals
* Know that this is a marathon and not a sprint, and it will take more time up front to establish, but will be ultra-rewarding on the back end.

If you want to make real money, be willing to invest real time and you’ll set yourself up for success!

4. Blog Set up And Ready For Readers

Don’t overcomplicate this. I have put together a FREE Launch Your Blog Training Here, so go here now to grab it.


In the beginning, you don’t need to…

* Spend a lot of money
* have the perfectly designed site
* spend hours trying to work on branding
* Focusing on things that don’t matter “right now”
Yes those things matter, but right now, the main things you’ll wan tot focus on are these 7 core things on this list and as you notice, branding, design and perfection did not make the list…..

In other words, keep things simple and get to work on what will pay you!

5. 10 – 15 Solid High Value Blog Post (Pillar Post)

If you want to devote a lot of time to getting going, spend your time here.

High quality content is critical to your success and this is where I’d spend some quality time.

I personally invested hours upon hours in my content because at the end of the day, that’s what your blog is based on.

I wanted to make sure that when someone read my blog, it wasn’t like “another one of them”, but that is filled with information that you feel like you should have been paying for.

To ensure you have great post that will get you off to a great start, focus on what we call Pillar Post.

These are post that are usually “how to” type post that go into great detail about a specific subject.

As a matter of fact, this post is one of my Pillar Post that I know was highly needed for bloggers who want to build their blog as a business and cut to the chase focusing on what matters when it came down to launching their blog.

I honestly searched and searched, looking for a blog post to highlight this topic, and outside of the “how to set up your blog” type post, I couldn’t not find one post that covered what I’m sharing with you in this post.

Pillar post usually range between 500-1000 words, and provide in depth steps, insight and guidance on a specific topic.

I highly recommend you think about the key things that’s frustrating your ideal audience and start off creating post that will immediately speak to their needs.

Look at it this way, your first few post that are available on your blog will be the “appetizer” for what’s to come from you.

You want to make sure that what they “sample” will be so delicious, that they can’t wait to come back and get more from you because you’ve whet their appetite so much, that they’ll feel like they’re missing out if they’re not reading your every post, email and social media post.

It’s how you introduce who you are, what you’re bringing to the world and how you can enhance their lives by spending time with you.

This also helps them to determine if they’ll want to ever buy anything from you, so “go all in” my friend… and give them the goods.

As of this point in the post, I”m already at nearly 1,700 words, so if you’ve made it this far, you’re my ideal reader and you are exactly where I was before finally getting my official blog launched.

Some people have been known to spend 1-2 weeks writing one blog post, so don’t overlook this process. Really invest in your writing and treat each word as if you’re speaking directly to your reader, over coffee as if you’re live and in person.

6. Lead Magnet

Now here’s where most people mess up. They may do steps 1-5 above and are super proud that they got through the “hard part”.

And what do most “newbie bloggers” do?

They launch their blogs WITHOUT a lead magnet and some way to capture their readers information.

It’s been said that we have 3 seconds to capture someones attention, and I’d like to think that it’s even worse now, maybe f1-2 seconds. And if you want to make that brief encounter with your blog worth it, have a tool that is so desirable, that your guess who “bounced” on your website would be remissed, not to take advantage of it.

Related Articles: ___ Types of Lead Magnets to use For Your Blog

I’ve written a post that shares the different types of lead magnets I recommend you use when launching your blog, and I’ll highlight just a few of them here, so you can get an idea of what you could use for your blog.

* Checklist
* Resource Guide
* Free Training
* Template

The best way to choose your lead magnet is based on what you feel would be irresistible to your visitor.

Take some time to think this through and feel free to scout out your competition and those in similar niches to see what they’re using to capture and captivate their visitors.

7. Lead Capture / Auto-Responder Tool

Last but not least, you’ll need a way to capture their lead.

I’ll admit, email seems like a dying art, but there are so many people out here who’d argue you down on this fact.

Truth is, if you’re someone that people look forward to hearing from, you’ll get your emails opened.

However, if you’re not sharing any real quality or value, and it’s a waste of their time, then email will feel like a dying art to you.

With that said, you need to have a way to capture the information of your visitor.

The tool that I use, that I highly recommend for blogger is here.

This tool has been a great way to capture the lead, and interact with my audience, and it can do so much more when you start segmenting your audience in to different groupings for future offerings, products and services.

Now that you’ve gotten through this list my friend, without hesitation and second guessing yourself, it’s time to hit publish.

It’s time to get your blog out there, gain some traction, see how your audience is engaging and begin your journey of growing and blossoming throughout this process of sharing your voice, ideals, thoughts, insight and expertise with the world.

The world is waiting to hear from you, and have probably been waiting for a very long time, like mine did.

Nonetheless, it’s not about perfection, it’s simply about getting started, so let’s hit publish together my friend…

Ready …. Set…. Go!

Yayyy and congrats…. it’s official, you’re ready to move forward.

For more information about any of the topics above and more in depth insight on something specifically, here are a few additional resources to consider:

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