As a serial entrepreneur whose been in the Online Marketing Industry for over 10 years, i’ve come across and participated in so many business models that I’m exhausted at the thought of so many of them.

From starting off (in the MySpace days) as a blog article writer (with my company at the time Article Marketing Geeks), to becoming a specialist in launching blogs (before they were a big deal, and during the times when you had to know html and literally be a techie), to becoming a virtual assistant, social media manager, video editor, voice over queen, network marketer, affiliate marketer and as of late, being a coach, consultant, speaker, trainer, and running a digital marketing agency.

To say that I’ve tried it all, seen it all, learned nearly all there is to learn and can pretty much tell you about all the various business models that exist, would be pretty accurate.

I’m like the encyclopedia of all things “Building an Online Business” and I’m pretty darn proud for the blood, sweat and tears I’ve invested, and where it’s landed me over the years.

However, with this level of experience, insight and knowledge comes an overwhelming ability to OVERTHINK EVERYTHING.

It’s almost as if, the more you know, the harder it gets to make decisions.


Because you’re always thinking all the way through every single detail to the point where you can talk yourself out of things before you ever get started.

That has been my challenge over the years, and one of the main reasons why it took me 10 long years to finally pursue blogging as a business.

With that said, I have to say, i’m grateful that I’ve given myself permission to exhaust every avenue possible before finally settling here and deciding to go “all in” full force to bring my blogging full time dreams to life.


One of the main reasons why I was so hesitant to launch a blog was because it’s not a quick income generating process.

As a matter of fact, I don’t recommend anyone start blogging WITHOUT some source of income coming in, because it takes time to get your blog going, and it’s definitely not a “get rich overnight” process.

Considering that I’ve always known how to generate income at the drop of a dime, blogging just felt too slow to me, and made me dodge the process of ever really getting started.

Because i was extremely knowledgable about the process, I knew that it would take a decent amount of work, time and focus to get going and in all honesty, I just wasn’t willing to put in the work at that time.


One of my biggest regrets when it comes to blogging, is that I didn’t give it ANY TIME AT ALL and I underestimated the power and potential of what this could have become, if only I started sooner.

I look at blogging like the famous concept called “The Slight Edge” where they take a penny and show the power of doubling that penny every single day for 31 days.

In the beginning, a penny doesn’t seem like much. As a matter of fact, it’s not even worth your time.

Think about how many times you’ve seen a penny on the floor and stepped over it like it wasn’t even worth you bending over to pick it up.

However, imagine, taking every penny you’ve ever ignored, and doubling it every single day for 30 days, and how much that would be worth to you.

That’s what blogs are worth IF you treat it like a business.

You see, the penny in the beginning is of little significance.

It goes from being worth 1¢ to 2¢ to 4¢ to 8¢. And if you continue to double it all the way through for 30 days, guess what that single penny would have become valued at…..

It’s unbelievable…

But here’s the magic number


Yes… seriously, that 1 simple penny doubled every single day is worth over $5 Mil.. and if you take it up to 31 days, it will be valued at over $10+ Million….

Here’s the visual to prove it:

You see, blogging is very much like that.

How? you ask…

Let’s talk about the hidden value of a Blog


Here’s what most people underestimate when it comes to blogging:

* Blogging is an Asset

* Blogging is Evergreen

* Can generate Passive Income For You

* Can generate income for you for years to come

* if don’t properly, you can grow a monumental audience over time which turns your post into endless selling tools for you to continue to generate income

* Is YOURS, and you own it (as opposed to your social media profile)

* Has lifetime value

* is a great platform to build on with other opportunities

The more i look at this list, the more I love that penny analogy as an explanation for the value of blogging and the more i regret not starting sooner ;(


I have sat back and watched so many people start their blogs from the beginning, go through the process of building bit by bit, taking one step at a time, and as a result of their commitment, consistency and diligence to the process, build 8 figure empires.

Maybe that explains my obsession with providing Income Reports here on our blog, and the crazy thing is, I’ve been with so many of them from the beginning that I’ve witnessed them earning so much money that they actually stop reporting their income, due to feeling “out of touch” with newbies who may be overwhelmed and intimidated by their numbers.

Meanwhile, I’m over here reading…. and hadn’t done a darn thing, until now…. and boy boy boy… I’m kicking myself.

I could have been that person whose income had gotten so large, that I had to stop reporting.

Instead, I became the person watching everyone build, while I stood back in awe of how much they accomplished, while still doubting myself.

Don’t be me…
Don’t wait…
Don’t hesitate..
Don’t second guess yourself.

It’s truly an asset that I feel is worth the investment, and while all these various social media sites come and go.

While algorithms change and company owners and investors choose to change the rules, those who blog and blog as a business will be able to withstand all the changes and shifts in the market with pride that they truly established themselves for the long term and avoided getting caught up in the trends that would ultimately die out and take so many peoples businesses with them.


* They die out

Contrary to popular belief and what the “gurus” share with you, a lot of other business models that exist, ultimately die out.

Because so many businesses are based on trends, it’s super easy for them to get inundated and saturated, be based on a tool, resource or business model that is easily phased out with some new type of software or revolutionary way of doing things differently.

Bottom line is, many different business models can have expiration dates on them that die out and ultimately leave you searching for a new start elsewhere.

* They’re heavily dependent upon YOU

One of my biggest battles has been with doing things that I know I can charge big bucks for due to my knowledge, background, skill and areas of expertise.  AS a matetr of fact, I’m still doing many of those things today, which have been the financial support for me to buy time with finally getting my blog going, however, the reality of having a business that was heavily dependent upon me just never excited me.

I see so many coaches, consultants, Influencers and Personalities create big brands and lucrative businesses that on paper seem very appealing, but being someone who has personally worked behind the scenes on many of these various business models, I’ve seen what it takes to sustain, continue to build and grow these business models and in the end, the thought of me being the end all be all of a business, where my face was forever attached to every aspect of it, quickly deterred me from chasing the illusion of making big bucks and instead, helped me accept that quality of life means more to me than “fame” and building a personality brand, so I opted out of making that a focus for me.

* Personality Brands are for people who want to be famous and not always profitable

I addressed this above, but felt it was worth creating as a bullet point for those perusing this post.

* Not fully Passive

Most of these business models that are generating big bucks, have a lot of moving parts and aren’t fully passive.  When I took into consideration the kind of lifestyle I wanted to have, I knew that passive income was critical, and I realized that blogging had one of the best passive income models possible, from most that I’ve come across, for so many reasons.

If you want to learn more about the best methods for building passive income, check out my article on the beset passive income business models I recommend.

* Get Old

Let’s face it, things get old, boring and stale, and with us being techie folks who are exposed to so much, things can change quickly.

I noticed that for me when I tried doing things like running group programs where I worked closely with a small group of people for extended periods of time.  by month 2-3 it was getting old for us all.

With social media branding and being an influencer, trying to keep up the beat face and flawless wardrobe to look like a supermodel got old to me, which made me retreat to things that didn’t require my public appearance.

traveling on planes for weeks out the of the month to speak on stages in hopes to make sales can get old.  And begging people to buy your program, no matter what process you use, can get old.

I like blogging because it’s an eco-system that does all of the above if established properly, and it can be done on auto-pilot with the exception of my limited participation in certain areas.

at the end of the day, it’s all about knowing how you want to work, and knowing what works best for you, and simply building your business model around your preferences.


If I can say it bluntly (again)… don’t be me!

If you truly desire to start a blog, share your message with the world, build something long term and build a true online asset, begin blogging today.

You don’t have to have all the answers, worry about every single step or get consumed with the what if’s, just leverage the resources that I’ve made available for you to get you going.. and simply GET STARTED.

Your bank account will thank you 3-5 years from now.

Just ask people like Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas or Michelle of Making Sense of Cents…. I know they’re glad they finally pulled the trigger!

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